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Terms & Policies 

1. If a recreational student quits mid-way through the year (Before December 31st)   

  • A 50% credit will be applied for next season. 

  • If a medical condition or injury occurs a 50% refund will apply. 



2. If a recreational student quits within the first month of classes 

  • A Refund for 50% of the amount paid up to date will be refunded. 



3. If a recreational student registers and quits before the session begins 

  • A 90% refund will apply. 



4. Policies for broken studio equipment / decor

  • If a student breaks a mirror or breaks studio equipment, the parent of that child is responsible to pay full costs for the damages prior to repair, and will be given a copy of the repair invoice costs. 


5. Policies for purchasing a costume for the year end show  / estimate cost 

  • In order to participate in the year end production, a costume estimated between 100-150$ will be required. 


6. If a team member quits at any point after they have accepted their spot on the team, and after their practices have begun, refund amounts will be determined on a case by case basis, based on timing of the team members cancellation, and the circumstances surrounding this cancellation.


7. Policy for team members who quit before the session begins, but after accepting their spot, and after payment of first instalment 

  • No refunds on the instalment paid, (only a credit) for future session. 



8. Policy for a team member we suspend or terminate from the team due to disrespectful /unacceptable behaviour or for lack of attendance 

  • No refunds will be given on amount already paid. **note: attendance is very important on team. If a team member misses more than 3 practices due to reasons other than illness, or unforeseen family emergency circumstances, their coach has the right to suspend them from performing or competing with the team.  


9. Policy for competition fees (for team members) 

  • If a student accepts his/ her place on a competition team then they agree to attend all competitions chosen for their group, (dates will be given prior to acceptance) and purchasing their team’s costume. If a team makes it to a certain showcase for a competition or gets chosen to perform somewhere, the team member is expected to make themselves available for that as well, even if it was not pre- planned, at the beginning of the year. 



 10. Policy for hurting/ bullying another child 

  • If we have proof that a child purposely hurts or bullies another child in a malicious way, then we have the right to expel the dancer from the studio, whether they are a team member or recreational dancer. There is no tolerance for bullying.  No refunds or credits will be applied. 


11. Policy for injury within our premises 

  • We are not responsible for any self-inflicted injury/accident, due to dance move or trick, whether that be in the choreography or if they try something on their own for fun. 


12. Policy for cancelling a dance camp week 

  • There are NO refunds for dance camp . A credit can be applied for future classes if the parent cancels more then 2 weeks before the week of camp begins or if there is a illness or family emergency.   

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