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Hip hop / Contemp / Popping / Jazz / Tap / Lyrical / Waacking 

Welcome to State Of Motion Dance Studios

After years of dancing and teaching in the professional industry our elite staff members aim to inspire the next generation through the art of dance. By instilling dedication, hard work, kindness and a desire to give back to the community, we aspire not only for our dancers to reach new technical heights in studio; but to help guide them into being the best they can be in all aspects of life. We want to give our dancers a second family and a home away from home, where they can feel free to express themselves and their individuality. We hope to share our passion while encouraging the dancers to reach their goals, push their limits and always remain in a state of upward, forward motion. To us, dance is more than an art form, it’s a way of life, and we can't wait to share the love!

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